Fahad al Kindi

Fahad is a geophysicist with a lifelong interest in photography, who has in recent years turned his hobby into a consistent practice, producing a substancial body of work that documents mostly his native country of Oman.

We met in Muscat, a city he knows like the palm of his hand and which he has been photographing with zeal and unprecedented realism in a country where pictorialism is still the dominant mode of photographic representation.

His images show the daily life of a Muslim city in the Gulf, questioning stereotypical views and providing a quiet point of view that will with all probability enter the history of Oman as an unique documentation of this period in time.

From his bio:


Fahad al Kindi was born in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman in 1975. Aged 17 he achieved a scholarship to study Geophysics in the UK where he completed his University degrees returning home 10 years later with a PhD from Edinburgh University. He was Introduced to photography and filming by his late father (a broadcasting engineer) from a very early age and has been snapping away since.  Fahad’s main interests meander between documentary to street to art photography, mainly focusing on issues close to home. 


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