David Barreiro

David is a photographer from Galicia in Spain who I met at a photography festival in Portugal a few years back. We have reconnected now in London, where he moved to study at the Royal College of Art. 

David presented images from his series shot in construction sites around London, including staged portraits of builders and still lifes using the builders tools. Construction is related to David's family history and photography has been a means to interrogate this form of labour, how it affects the workers and constructs (no pun intended) their subjectivities. Some of the photographs on show are from a series commissioned by the Royal College of Art where David has studied, to photograph the construction of their new campus in Battersea.

From the intro to the series:

A Breach of Margins

I am interested in the way in which labour and play affect social, cultural and psychological development. Though different, they are related sources of experiences, both for individuals and groups. From this perspective, the workplace and the playground constitute places for the construction of self-identity. However, when an activity becomes institutionalised, like in the case of labour, a structure of rules is defined. Consequently, the number of possible relationships between the subjects and objects involved decreases, and this function is somehow undermined, as individuals become repositories and drivers of the interests of powerful socio-economic agents. I attempt to articulate those concerns by staging images where familiar actions and conventional uses of objects and spaces are subverted.



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