paula roush

paula mostly through msdm studio is a well established, leading practitioner and lecturer in the field, the author of mesmerising "photobookworks" and projects using both her own images and what she has termed "orphan images". Without too much exaggeration, paula is one of the most knowleageable and exciting photoartists working with printed matter.

Here roush presents images from her series Paintball Field, juxtaposing old masks and rituals originary from the now desertified interior villages of central Portugal and contemporary forms of entertainment.

From her bio:

msdm is a research and production studio for photographic practice. The studio’s tactical collaborations with artists, theorists and cultural organisations, build bridges between creative practice and the ‘everyday’ experience of visual communication, in food and fashion, health and well-being, education and use of interim spaces. 

the studio is interested in publishing as a photographic practice. Main focus of research is the photobookwork: an emerging object at the intersection of artist’s book (affordable, self-published work with the artist in full control of conceptual and editorial strategies) and the photobook (with its immersive exploration of printed photography in the printed page ).